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It's official.
My boyfriend hates me.

You'd think for once he'd relaize that I compramised for him by chosing to do the things I did alone becuase I couldn't get through to his cell phone. But no. Even though we haven't talked about it yet, we proabably won't. And he'll probably leave me becuase he's one of those people who could hate me for this...

It's all over now.

Kill me?
(If you won't, I will.)
Catcher in the Rye

Oops. My fault.

Whoops, I forgot it was March. I was a tad busy towards the end of February, because I was out of town, but I've been back long enough so that I should have realized it was March. Yea.

So it seems that everyone has gotten through February just fine. Mine was actually very nice. :) I am happy.

Let's see...March is...Easter? So that means easter eggs. And bunnies.

Obviously I have nothing of relevant importance to mention right now. At least not for here. I apologize.

I'm running out of ideas. Therefore, this place is dying.

Question of the month: Should I leave it open anyway but not deal with it, kill it completely, or try to keep it alive?
And, in spite of the results in this one, I'm thinking of starting another community. Only completely different from this one. It'll be about music, if anyone is interested in that.

Yea, that's what's been on my mind so far. That and the thought that I suck. :p Sad but true, which is still what makes me a sad lover? *shrug* Dunno.

That's all for now. Will return at the regularly scheduled time with final decision. (And that would be the first of the month)
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I'm getting a tatoo tomorrow afternoon. This is what I came up with:

Anyways, I just want a heart with Carlos's intials or name. I can't draw, and none of my close friends are artistically inclined. This graphic I made is a bit plain, so what I'm asking is:

Can anyone else draw something better?

It'll be smallish, going on my hip. And it should be sweet, but have a gothic (?) flair. Please please please help.

Email photos to: porcelainwrists@yahoo.com ASAP.

Catcher in the Rye

Yep, it's February

So another month has arrived. It is February. Yay. So, I'm sure for many, this month may difficult, as humanity has designated it the month of the treacherous L word. So I guess the topic for this month, just mention something worth mentioning? If anyone feels like rambling about something they miss, someone they miss, or something that was good, then do it. This is the place to do it.

Anyways...I guess I'll start off with something, and hope I find more people to do the same. I actually found someone to share this month with...unexpected, as always, but another adventure in itself. So my V-day is most likely going to be promising. Who knows? Last year's was absolutely awesome for me....thinking about it does make me sad, but that's why I try not to focus on it. Last year just rocked for me....for a while, anyway.

Okay, this isn't the best mod post here, but hey, I tried. Give me that credit at least.
If anyone has anything to mention at all, I'm all ears.

Try to make this month bearable everyone. I wish the best. :) ♥
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Updates you say?

I've fallen into the deepest part of the ocean.

It must be his eyes.
They haunt my every thought.
His teeth maybe?
How they nibble on the most fragile sections of skin?
No, no it has to be his heart.
It beets with such enthusiasm over the smallest things.

Either way...
I love him.

I can saftely say I'm finally happy.

(I see myself married in five years, and pregnant with the first of four.)
Catcher in the Rye


Okay, so I failed to make a December post. Oops.

Welcome to 2005! Hopefully everyone had a decent entrance into this new year.

So, as mentioned before, I'm trying to do monthly updates, but they're only successful if people reply. Cough. Cough.

For this community, the New Year's resolution is to keep it going, make it somewhat more alive, and the way to do that: more people. active people. Please?

So far, a little to-do list:

+maybe more interests in the user info?
+more advertisement
+more ideas from people about what to do?

That's about it. Now on with the monthly update part.

I wasn't doing too well. I lost the new, as well as the old. Well, I think am pretty sure I did. So I'm just going to chill. I'm just really tired.
I guess I'm going to take some time off. I am really sick of this.

Hopefully some of you have a better status report than I do? *shrug*

But, I'm hoping that with a new year before me, I have a chance to make everything, at least, okay.

Anyways, have a great new year, and hope it's better than the past.
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I have become a sad lover as up of yesterday. But life goes on. I try not to think about it, but..... you know how it goes.

It was great while it lasted. I knew when it was about to end, you know when you just feel it? Like you just know.. Yeah well I just knew.

That is all. I am not going to be depressed I did that yesterday. I want to keep thinking everything will be ok. Thanks..... and yes, my name is Naida.
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